Top 5 Genshin Impact Alternative Games For Android 2022

Top 5 Genshin Impact Alternative Games For Android 2022 Genshin Impact Game Download in Android.

Hello Guys. Today I am going to show you Top 5 Genshin Impact Alternative Games For Android. These games are come with high resolution graphics and You’ll definitely enjoy when you’ll play these games.

Dragonicle: 2022 Fantasy RPG

Dragonicle is a high-quality MMORPG game that comes gorgeous graphics, gameplay, and intense boss battles.

Credit- Dragonicle: 2022

Explore a Mysterious Kingdom

Start the epic adventure of warriors through the Land of Asran. Follow the instructions of Tome of Knowledge to traverse the world as you collect shards scattered across the kingdom, and tame aggressive Dragon Souls and write a eternal epic of heroics!

Collect Cute Pets

Login now to obtain an exclusive mount, plus there are thousands of super pets in the forest! Fae Woods, Dawn Bay, the Pure Arctic: select the right terrain, then sit back and enjoy your awesome ride. Discover rare breeds and catch all cute pets to become the pet master!

Unlock Dragon Souls & God Gear

Form agreements with Dragon Souls Dragon Souls, the most trustworthy and true warrior’s servant who will give up everything to their master. Develop your drake orbs to quash weapons, and transform soul forms to get the ultimate boost in power! Beautiful Tamamo and tsundere Elizabeth and terrifying Bahmrite…which Dragon Soul will you create the strongest bond with?

Fight Epic Bosses

Wind Wolf, Succubus, and Shadow Drake…Epic bosses lurk all over the battlefield , protecting the treasures of the past and the Rare gears. Only a group of warriors are able to take them down. Beware! The boss is a swindler who will take over you with his massive power. Do not let your Dragon’s Soul be corrupted!

Meet Your Soul Mate

Begin to meet wonderful people in beautiful landscapes. Snap photos to use to cherish your next date. Take dates and hold hands or feed your pets, and create clothes together. Create a romantic wedding that your guests won’t forget!

So You Can Download This Game And You’ll Enjoy.

The Legend Of Neverland : Anime Adventures RPG

Credit – The Legend Of Neverlands

The Legend of Neverland is an MMORPG game of fantasy inspired by Japanese anime.When you play the game with guardianship of your ancestors as well as flower fairies, you’ll fight alongside players from all over the globe, battling the dark creature with you in order to solve the problem of Cabala. Apart from the battle the vast and stunning world is available for you to explore. Take pleasure in fishing, cooking and even building your own country during your free time.

Explore the World and Reveal the Mysteries*

An adventure game that has a high freedom You can explore this vast and mysterious universe, Explore and discover a variety of well-planned adventures and surprises.Every battle and every encounter can make you stronger.

*Fight Together With Flower Fairies

On the way to adventure, you can recruit powerful and gorgeous flower fairies by using the Links to help you fight combat,Join us on this journey and discover some of the mystery of this universe by playing with Marigold, Balloon Flower, Chestnut Rose and many more flower fairies.

*Various Classes Free Fighting

Design your own look by altering the shape and shade of your hair, face eyes, and fashionIt is possible to switch from swordsman scholar, ranger, craftsman and many other classes at any time and utilize various weapons to slay the foe.Team up with your friends to take on PVE Dungeons and take on powerful bossesJoin other adventurers for PVP matches, and compete to earn the top prize!”

Rich Life and Joy Creation

An array of fun entertainment games for you to enjoy. Whatever you’d like to fish or cook your own food,You can also go into the forest to capture insects. You can pick according to your preference.When you’re having a break while you rest, you may also pick up various equipment materials,Learn to improve your life abilities!


Torram Online : MMORPG

The MMORPG of a massive and magnificent fantasy! Let’s explore the MMO world!

Credit: Torram Online

Unrestricted Character creation

With over 500 billion combinations to choose from Feel free to design your own character of your preferences!

Sword? Magic? Anything you’d like!

“Profession””Profession,” which is usually the case in MMORPG”Professional”, which is often the case with MMORPGs, does not in Toram. Sword? (Magic) Staff? Bow? Halberd? You are free to choose your own style of fighting!

Create and train your character until you are satisfied with it!

With equipped with a “Skill Tree” system enabling players to improve and build their characters in the way they like.Find combos and develop your unique battle style

Colour Changeable Weapon & Equipment

You can colour your weapon of choice with the color of your choice when you buy equipment with an “Color Info”!Additionally, you can build the capabilities of your equipment as you progress in your game …!

Join in the adventure with your Friends And travel across the Country

RPG (MMORPG) which is playable and allows you to connect to your online friends across the world!The formidable beast that you are unable to defeat on your own might be defeated by having the perfect party with your buddies! Let’s take a trip through the vast and stunning 3D world with lots of players!

Honkai Impact 3

Moonshade Epic[Game Introduction]

MiHoYo’s flagship product as well as Genshin Impact’s corresponding action role-playing game!

Credit: Honkai Impact

Hyperion command systems are ready. Login request processing… Verified.Attention to all units! Unlocking safety locks is not secure! Download engine that transfers high levels of energy. Login countdown: 10, 9 8…”Captain in the bridge.”Welcom to Hyperion Captain! As of today you will be our Captain!Join us in fighting for the beauty of the world!HD cel-shaded graphics, endless combination, ultra-tight control… Experience the latest in real-time gaming!A sweeping storyline that spans multiple work, enthralling stage dialogues, a renowned VA line-up… Make yourself the epicenter of legend!Other elements such as Valkyrie customization and open-world exploring, building base shooting, racing and co-op make the game as never before!Join a diverse collection of Valkyries and their bonds will be your force!Join Valkyries in fighting Honkai in order to protect the wonderful Honkai-verse!

[New Version Content]

[S-rank Battlesuit | Jade Knight]

A crystal-like sword can defeat the dragon that floods. The destiny of swords brings fortune and the risk of. Li Sushang, a girl is chosen to fulfill her destiny.When Sword Array lasts, Jade Knight is able to attack enemies with a variety of flying swords. Jade Knight can also use Ultimate to create a massive sword that rises above the field. Additional buffs are available by Ice DMG sellers in the team.

[Featured Event Midnight Chronicle]

The evening light in the southern portion of Arc City soothe drifting souls creating the perfect setting for an unplanned reunion.The all-new mode of co-op is now available! You can play to earn Infinite Ouroboros’ new outfit Scorching Gravel, Crystals and more!

(New Story Chapter| The End of the World]

The gray iron cliff blocks the remnants of sky across both the sides. The vast blue planet hangs over the horizon and is almost touching.Chapter XXXII will be released in the near future! Go through the main story and gain crystals, event stigmas and more!

(Bonuses • Autumn Memento]

Completion of the required tasks for an opportunity to receive the book Honkai Impact 3rd Art Collection Vol.1: Trails of Comets for no cost.

[Featured Event | Earn on Bonuses

[Featured EventSpend Supply Cards that are worth an amount of crystals to get Disciplinary Perdition’s latest attire Mesmerizing Blue as well as Starchasm Nyx’s Character Cards, Jade Knight Rank-up Stamp and other.

[Equipment Updates]

Weapons Nocturnal Stealth Star of Eden: Anti-Entropy and its PRI-ARM aswell the stigmatization sets Li Sushang Shenzhou Reminiscence along with Willows are available now!

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